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General Eric Shinseki said, “If you don't like change, you will like irrelevance even less.”

In an era of accelerating disruption, every organization faces change. That’s not easy. But electronic document management can enable agility and positive change.

The fact of the matter is you simply can’t afford a regulatory compliance lapse that damages your reputation or your effectiveness – or more likely, both. Two forces are colliding to raise the stakes of a regulatory compliance “oops” higher than ever before:

IT departments are constantly under siege by demands from “the business.” They usually run something like this:

Go to and search on “HR processes,” and you can get a pretty negative take on the HR function, complete with bumbling employees and upside-down policies. There’s even an HR Director in the cast of characters: CATBERT: Evil Director of Human Resources.

Is your accounts receivable process both effective AND efficient?  How do you know?

Download our free whitepaper: 9 Ways to Reduce Costs in Your Accounting Processes with Enterprise Content Management to see immediate saving opportunities. 

If integrating procurement and accounts payable can shave up to 12% for external spend, why do CFOs throw up their hands when thinking about automating the procure to pay process and say, “It’s too difficult. The technology is unproven. It will disrupt my staff and we’ll never get any real work done.”


How can adopting accounts payable best practices help your organization process daily accounting information in a quarter of the time and at nearly 80% less cost than your competitors?  You can find out how accounts payable best practices can cut costs in 9 Proven Ways To Dramatically Reduce Accounting Costs (Up To 78%) With An Enterprise Content Management System.

Is your AP workflow process bogged down by paper? If you’re the head of an accounting department, controller or a CFO, the first place to start your process automation journey is by looking at your accounts payable workflow.  How to Use Digital Workflows to Create a Paperless Office can provide some tips to start your journey.

Car dealerships face a particularly challenging set of business challenges – challenges that an enterprise document management system can help solve.  Digital document solutions should be an integral part of the information management infrastructure for any forward-looking car dealership.