Proven Process


The Star Managed Services Proven Process

  1. Engage Qualification Meeting

The Managed Services Consultant meets with the client to determine if their business will benefit from implementing document software.

  1. Analyze Workflow Analysis

A Managed Services Consultant conducts a workflow analysis with the client to learn how the current document processes and workflows can be improved.

  1. Design Proof of Concept Demonstration

Based on the workflow analysis, the Managed Services Consultant will design and present a demonstration on the software proving the realized benefits to the client.

  1. Implement Installation, Configuration, Training

The Star Managed Services Project Manager will coordinate the implementation of the software with the client’s designated Team Leaders.

  1. Manage Quarterly Business Reviews & Support

The Managed Services Consultant will schedule Quarterly Business Reviews to ensure the software is being maintained and supported.

  1. Create Clients for Life

The Star Managed Services goal is 100% client satisfaction to ensure lasting partnerships that lead to shared experiences with other potential clients.