Software Solutions

Imagine never picking up another piece of paper to file, wondering the status of a project or wishing you had easy access to specific business information. Our innovative software solutions and best in class service allow businesses to manage information and increase productivity while cutting costs.

Please explore each area of our software solutions further below:

Data Capture

Data capture solutions provide text, handwritten and symbol capture capabilities without the need for costly integration and extensive labor force training. It reduces the time and cost required to process thousands of forms per month, with an easy to install and user friendly approach.

Electronic Forms

Electronic Forms are just one of the many document management tools that give businesses the edge in terms of increasing productivity, reducing costs and improving the security and reliability of your documents.

Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management safeguards and prevents unauthorized use of digital files to provide consistent and reliable protection of the documents with effective file encryption, permission control and audit trail technologies.

Document Management

Electronic filing and document management takes valuable information and makes it infinitely more useful by increasing accessibility. All types of documents, whatever their source, are stored in one central document pool.

Print Control & Output Management Software enables organizations to significantly lower the cost and environmental impact of printing. These components can be purchased in a variety of configurations depending on the needs of your organization.


Document workflow solutions from Star Managed Services improve a company’s organization in a number of ways. Learn more about how you can optimize your workflow with Star Managed Services today!

Software Partners

Star Managed Services pride ourselves on our software partners, which allow us to offer all of the latest software solutions to our customers. Discover the software solutions you can utilize to optimize your office!

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